To buy Alemanni is not a simple choice of product, but means access to the experience and competence of the company and its services.


We were the first manufacturers of roller guns in the world and fostered this new way of understanding spearguns right from the beginning. No one before us had believed so much in the potential of this system.

Passion is our driving force. Finding solutions is the one thing that we like to do most, together with those who share our passion for the sea.

Nothing would be possible without the contributions of a community that moves the limits a little further every time.

Ideas thus realized, result at sea, in energy savings for best physical performance and help evolve new projects, which in turn become accessible for everyone.

Each one of our items is unique. We emphasize attention to detail and test every gun in the pool before shipping.

At your service to provide new emotions through the ongoing research that has always characterized us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. or +39 (059) 7276493