Q. what's this the best blade hardness for me?

R: It is recommended to select the stiffness of the blade in relation to the overall physical structure; if you weigh less than 65 kg (~145 lbs), please select hardness 01/ short - very very soft (or if you are particularly trained hardness 02). If you weigh more than 65 kg (~145 lbs), we advise you to select the hardness 02/short hardness - very soft (or if you are particularly trained supersoft/long - for Speedy series or hardness 02 for Competition series) and if you weigh more than 90 kg (~200 lbs), we recommend you select hardness 03 (Competition series) or supersoft/long / short or Soft/long.

We recommend that you fill out the format to know which hardness we recommend based on your physical characteristics and sports needs

Q. How to choose the right size for me?

R: I invite you to consult the description of each shoe proposed, some take into account in the size of a 2 -2.5 mm shoe and you can choose your usual size (increase in case you use thicker shoes), others do not consider it and you must necessarily move on to the next size. Add your foot length to the notes at the time of ordering to make a check.

Q. What is the difference between fibreglass and carbon-coated blades?

R: Both are made of composite material, while those with a carbon cover are lighter. The efficiency and durability are the same. Only the Competition series is available in the black version with a carbon cover.

Q. Can I choose whether to mount profiles or not on the blades?

R: The naked blade is recommended for use in the pool and for those disciplines that require the elimination of any unnecessary friction. It is recommended to request blades with profiles for use near the rocks.

Q. Why choose a footpocket  without spars ?

R: The spars are not responsible for the efficiency or otherwise of the blades, which flex according to the construction methods in an independent way. Removing the  spars  means removing weight and avoiding unnecessary friction, to the advantage of your energy. In any case, fitting the standard footpocket doesn't affect the substantial operation of the blades.

Q. What is custom mounting?

R: It means the installation of the chosen footpocket , with screws (without glue) and shaping them  after cutting the spars. Very useful for quickly disassembling the shoes and separating them from the shovels, if necessary (recommended for carrying in a suitcase)

Q. How to choose the gun's size?

R: You  can choose according to the type of fishing you want to practice, in blue or clear waters, are preferred the long measures - over 105 cm long -. For mixed spearfishing  we recommend 90-90-955-105-100. The " short "measures - 75-80-85 really express powers and respectful range of shot, very efficient for spearfishing close to the rocks or in a situation of waters that are not clean or in current. 

Q. Can I try before to buy?

R: After appointment and if available, every Saturday and Monday morning you can test fins and gun . Contact us.

Q. How long do I receive my order?

R: The estimated delivery will appear in the specifications of the order confirmation.

Q. I can't order accessories directly from the website

R: Recommended to send mail or phone to get the appropriate shipping costs and avoid  any misunderstandings

D. I can't order a multiple auction number

A. You can order from "ACCESSORIES AND REQUIREMENTS " or you can modify the quantity by updating the order number before the conclusion of the order. 

D. I live outside of Europe, I have to pay taxes 

R. Don't pay taxes in Europe, direct taxation will take place in your own country according to the rules and tariffs of each one.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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