To get the best performance from our fins, should be recalled

- Plus your kicking will be closed, the greater the boost you will receive.

- Let work the fins for you, don't  push with big muscles, use your ankles and increase the frequency when you need more thrust.

- Most softer is the fin, in consequence the movement must be technical (as described above)

- An hard fin( or not so soft )  doesn't  push more than one soft  fin, can still forgive most errors, but it would require a great  waste of energy.

- The lightness and the elimination of all clutch always helps, a foot pocket  without spars,  really makes a difference.

- The material has a response slower than the carbon, this isn't  synonymous with lesser  thrust or reactivity,it's  exactly the reverse.

The market has quickly understood the importance of the things I have pointed out above, for this reason, each brand is at this time presenting similar products.

A dispassionate advice

Evaluate and inquire is the only tool that the consumer has to make their own choices, we still invite you to be wary of who sells, not only be the first user of its products, many know how to do marketing, much less care about test the equipment, assuming that being  an established brand you can hijack the final choices of the consumer only applying marketing.

What matters to you the passion?

For me it is fundamental.