Alemanni Deep Sea

Deep sea - carbon T 700+ aramid fibre

The Deep sea project was born out of the need to increase safety levels and to do this we used the best materials on the market, which allowed us to achieve the goal. It wasn't easy and the design took a year of tests and trials, we put them under all kinds of stress but the result is truly incredible.

The new materials have superior elasticity and the thrust is truly extraordinary compared to other materials.

The novelty of the new wide and flexible profiles is really an added value, the perceived sensation is to be "clinging" to the water and the buoyancy increases.

The dimensions have changed, with the new materials, carbon and aramid fibre, we don't need more dimensions to increase the buoyancy, being agile and fast is very important when you are in the depths.

It's a non-symmetrical blade, it means you can keep a correct posture, fin with more closed legs and the blades won't touch each other.

Weight is really important and must be considered.

A custom foot pocket blade of a medium size, weighs only 650 gr with an average weight of 30% less than competitors.

It is a technical  blade, dedicated to all those who are looking for top level performance.

The price shown refers to the blades only, the available  footpocket  must be added when ordering.


Technical specifications:

Composite Carbon T 700+ aramid fibre
Lenght cm 81
Inclination angle 27 degrees of inclination on the fold - non symmetrical blade
Stiffness 01 - 02 -03 - from the softest to the least soft
    Alemanni Deep Sea
    Alemanni Deep Sea
    Alemanni Deep Sea
    Alemanni Deep Sea

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