Alemanni Speedy black long fins

Our fins are made from composite material and each pair is carefully crafted to fulfill our specifications. The layers are progressive in order to facilitate the proper discharge of water. A low profile eliminates all turbulence.

We chose this material for its response properties giving the right boost and offering a high performance product.

This series is designed for those who have an important weight and a great musculature, they are soft but not too much .

Recommended for weight over 85 kg

An inclination of 27° means the fins always remain under the water surface. 

Available now  "naked fins" , warm recommended footpocket with cutted spars and screws

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Technical specifications:

Composite Aeronautical VTR
Length 90 cm
Inclination angle 27 degrees
Stiffness Supersoft 03
    Alemanni Speedy black  long fins
    Alemanni Speedy black  long fins
    Alemanni Speedy black  long fins

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