Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass

SPEEDY BLADES - agile and responsive -

Our fins are blades made of composite material, manufactured in a handcrafted way, according to our specific instructions. The layers are progressive to facilitate the correct water discharge, the low  profiles, low, cancel all turbulences.

The stratified construction guarantees reactivity and maximum efficiency.

The fibreglass has a soft return and saves the joints, the thrust is optimal in all directions thanks to the inclination of the blade and the progressive stratification.

We believe that the lightweight fin is a valid help to improve everyone's performance without wasting energy and without sacrificing efficiency. Excessive hardness will not be necessary if the finning technique is correct.

Perfect for those who practice freediving and fishing in the shallow end, efficient in long surface movements. Can be used for all disciplines is used extensively in Dynamic Freediving

Hardness 01 - for slim bodies - for those with little muscle or joint problems - very soft but able to push without fatigue . Excellent in dynamics 

Hardness 02 - for all body types - suitable for all disciplines - soft and high performance

Hardness 03 - for bodies over 80 kg - suitable for all disciplines (Hardness 03 will be + 4 cm long compared to the other two hardnesses)

We recommend footpocket without longarons, they are lighter and hydrodynamic.

The Seac Motus footpocket is recommended for adaptability to the foot, comfort is guaranteed by two different materials that are more supported under the sole of the foot and soft on the upper part, preferred by most customers.

You can also request

Pathos Shoes  
MNG Shoes (soft and enveloping, able to transfer the thrust in an efficient way. They are recommended for agonists and pure apnea. They are not recommended for prolonged use.

The sizes available for MNG shoes are limited

You can request the  bladese without profiles also  and fit  footpocket  with or without longarons.

Please ask for further information.

Do you need help deciding which hardness is best for you? Consult frequently asked questions or use direct chat


Technical specifications:

Composite Aeronautical VTR
Length cm 84 in stiffness 01 and 02 - cm 90 for stiffness 03
Scale of hardness-from hight softest to the more less soft 01 - 02 - 03
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass
    Alemanni Speedy blade - Fiberglass

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