Alemanni Speedy Red

The red speedy lettering distinguishes them from the classic Competition series.

Their appearance remains the same - they are asymmetrical - , the material, length and hardness are the same as the originals.

The only difference is that there is no inclination of the final part where the shoes are,they will result in the axis.

The inner part of the blade - straight - will avoid contact between the two fins during the movement and will keep the legs closed as much as possible for the benefit of an optimal posture during the descent or ascent.

The lightness and the ability to react at all depths or on the surface,  remain unchanged. The energy saving is unparalleled.

They are recommended for those who consciously have control of the posture of the feet / legs, for any need for correction we recommend alternatively the competition series offset in the back.

They work well  in all situations in depth or on the surface, they are light and agile, the thrust is efficient without effort, no need to push hard, the fin works for you thanks to the typical sinusoid.

We remind you that this series is protected by an international patent.


Technical specifications:

Composite Aeronautical VTR/ carbon covered
Lenght 81 cm
Inclination angle 27 degrees of inclination on the fold - non symmetrical blade
Stiffness 01 - 02 -03 - from the softest to the least soft
    Alemanni Speedy Red
    Alemanni Speedy Red

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