Alemanni Speedy Snorkeling blades

We use the same material as the Competition  blades

Carbon coated fiberglass, a unique combination.

The layer processing, typical of our entire blade, achieves a non repeatable optimization with different materials and this is the real added value.

Ideally designed for progressive training, but also for pure fun, they are also great for simulating movement with the monopin in your workouts, they are light and responsive beyond imagination.

Absolutely perfect for snorkelling without fatigue and without compromise, to maintain the performance of always with a size not yet available on the market, except in plastic version.

The choice of excellent and innovative materials gives amazing results for such a small version of the Speedy blades, which have little to envy to fins of other sizes.

The 50 cm size allows challenging dives at non-ordinary altitudes, are very light but have great grit and thrust propulsion.

The 40 cm size doesn't  set limits but is perfect for those who want to push and no footprint.

Unique and extraordinary, this shovel can not be missing in the suitcase of the traveler freediver, as added value for your "deep" adventures.

It is produced in a unique hardness - 01 - very soft 

Single variant - black colour 


During the order's process  choose your favourite footpocket and indicate in the notes the right size and the brand of your choice from those indicated


Technical specifications:

Composite Aeronautical VTR/ carbon covered
Lenght 40 -50 cm from the fold
Inclination angle 27 degrees of inclination on the fold
stiffness 01
    Alemanni Speedy Snorkeling blades
    Alemanni Speedy Snorkeling blades

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