Blue water express size 130 - Oceanic double roller

Blue water express size 130  - Oceanic double roller-

wood- water based finishment

Double roller spear gun with four wheels in line that provide more power using the same length of gun body.

This double roller is a dedicated blue water masterpiece for fishing large pelagics. Exceptional handling and extremely stable with incredible power and very low recoil. Shooting range over 6 metres depending on the diameter of the spear used.

More compact with smaller dimensions compared to standard spear guns on the market. This gun is able to fire spears up to 9 mm.

Very powerful and easy to manage with the addition of technological materials inside, to prevent any bending of the gun body. 

This process also increases rigidity and in addition, improves the gun's accuracy , with continuity of pull.

The recoil, whilst already minimal, is reduced even more by using an inverter rubber, which also increases accuracy and power.

Handling is remarkable, the system is simple and easy to use. The shooting range is incredible, in addition to the laser-like accuracy.

 Oil-finished Teak wood body.

It's delivered with release and without reel. (Reels can be added during purchase process )

n.2 loading assist included

Each Alemanni equpment  is individually tested and adjusted for optimal performance. 

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate.


Each piece is tested in the pool or at sea several times to be set up correctly and to achieve the optimal balance, this sometimes causes wear scratches that are removed when possible, if this is not possible please accept it as "added value" to support the work done with dedication and expertise.


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n. b. To add more shaft, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and REQUIREMENTS " or change the quantity in the summary before the order is completed



Blue water express size 130 - Oceanic double roller
Blue water express size 130 - Oceanic double roller

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