The efficiency of a shovel comes from the combination of weight, materials and shape.

The lightness of Alemanni fins, combined with the right slipper, is a valid help in saving energy for the muscles.

We are the first and only ones to offer non-symmetrical blades (below we explain the advantages) and we also produce symmetrical fins.


Why choose a non-symmetrical blade?

In a non-symmetrical fin - the inner part is straight and the outer part is curved - this helps to maintain a correct posture and a better hydrodynamic profile.

You will have the possibility to keep your legs together thanks to the straight inside of the non-symmetrical blade, and the benefit will be greater in the case of a slender build, whose pelvis will have a smaller width when compared to the sum of the width of  both  symmetrical blades (The excessive width of the two blades may prevent the legs from being kept together). The Competition series is dedicated to those who have posture problems, because a back angled blade can counteract the foot converging inside during extension or movement. This correction favours the correct position of the blade  respect to the water surface and reduces the dispersion of the impressed energy.

If this is your case, this back angled blade (available in the Competition series only) prevents contact between the two blades during movement.

If this is not your case, the choice of the same non-symmetrical blade, without  back angle, will be the RED series. The materials used by us are combined and are available in various stiffness  for each item. The variable is the weight (different according to the chosen hardness) below we indicate the range of the weight for a single blade).


Glass fibre from 350 gr to 420 gr

The fibreglass blades are suitable for every need and can be used for pure fun, freediving, or deep diving. All Alemanni fibreglass blades are symmetrical (see Speedy series).


Glass and carbon fibre from 230 gr to 250 gr

The fibreglass/carbon blades are suitable for every need and can be used for pure fun, freediving, or deep diving. All Alemanni fibreglass/carbon blades are non-symmetrical, with the exception of the Snorkelling model (see Competition - Red - Hybrid series).


Carbon and aramid fibre 

The T 700 Carbon blade combined with Aramid fibre is designed for deep diving and research and achieves maximum safety in use, as well as optimising energy. These are non-symmetrical blades (Deep Sea series). 


Your choice should consider all the features highlighted. Keep in mind that hardness is chosen according to body weight. A table of maximum weights and hardnesses


Body weight Hardness Series Notes
Less than kg 65 (145 lbs) trained 01 all poorly trained
  02 all trained
From kg 65 (145 lbs) to kg 80 (176 lbs) 02 all  
Over 80 kg (176 lbs) 03 all  
  02 all very technical