Pathos footpocket

The fireblade Pathos shoe is  made up of 3 different compounds of vulcanized rubber, offers excellent comfort and greater lightness compared to the standard version (only 370 gr.). it is supplied with screws, for an integral and safe assembly.

With the cutted and moulded spars and the addition of the screws, they will be efficient and more solid with the blades, in this way  we obtain better performance and lightness. 

We recommend cutting the spars but the footpockets need to be partially glued and it is not possible to disassemble them- for this option please contact us -

It can be mounted on any type of blade.

This footpocket doesn't consider socks , so it 'sadvisable to move on to the next size

To place an order of footpocket only ,  please contact us to have the appropriate shipping costs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. or +39 (059) 7276493