New version Roller power head - with inox head -

Built on the experience of our Alemanni wooden roller we developed a roller kit that transforms your commercial gun into a roller.

With the appropriate set-up you have higher output power, reduce recoil and reap the benefit of greater precision. Shooting will be fluid and ballistic results satisfying. Loading your equipment will be much easier. Give new life to your old gun that "will never be the same again".


- increase power

- increase a lot  the range of shot

- more less recoil

- accurance as a laser, great penetration and fast shot

On demand we mount on ceramic ball bearing, more efficent , they are indispensable if you  use inverter rubbers.

With the inverter rubber as an alternative to ceramic ball bearings, you can mount kit with bushings (both are able to withstand heavy loads). We don't recommend for this set up the glass ballbearings.

Power roller kit comes in three versions.

Wheel on bushings -  until mm 18 rubber

Glass ball bearing wheels – until mm 18 rubber

Ceramic ball bearing wheels - until mm 18 rubber

The kit includes the complete head, two serial adapters 25.5-26-mm, a hook for load( not built ), a threaded rod for the lanyard of pre tension.

The kit includes the complete head, two serial adapters 25.5-26-mm, a hook for loading( not built ), a threaded rod for the pre-load cord.

Rubber not included. You can get on request.

On demand  loading hook / built with rubber  and dynema too - add during the order -

Adapters on request with non standard measures.

If you just want to order this item please contact us for appropriatequote of shipping costs




Technical specifications:

Material of the body polipropilene
head inox


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. or +39 (059) 7276493