Stilo express 100 special - double roller -

Precise, powerful and compact, the new Alemanni express carbon 100 is perfect for ambushing prey, designed to give traveling spearos who demand the best. Powerfull is amazing, the lightness too, fundamental when you decide to go deep.
Compact in dimensions, hydrodynamic shape make the Alemanni 100 carbon unmatchable in tracking and aiming the prey in 
The lightness of the body allows accommodating different diameters up to a 9 mm shaft.
Such powerful and small  size double  roller 100 can have different set up easily
mm 7.5 and mm 8 double barbed shaft are pushed  with two circular rubbers and mm 8.5 and 9 mm are pushed with the outer inverter rubber and one inner circular rubber.
A dream come true, you can have only one roller gun to use in different situations until now you have needed two sizes to do the same. 
The maximum shooting range is obtained with the shaft of 9 mm with a range of  6 meters, it means a straight and accurate shot.( after the shaft continue with a parabolic trajectory )
The reel is not recommended in the 9 mm shaft set-up, that is intended as a specific set for blue fishing - includes break away -
High-performance ceramic bearings are mounted.

 No maintenance is required.

It's delivered complete with shaft,reel and   inverter rubbers  as standard set up(exception for mm 7 and mm 7.5 shaft - delivered with circular rubbers )

(exception with mm 9 shaft  recommended and delivered without reel - only on request as an option)

n.2 loading hook included

Each Alemanni equipment is individually tested and adjusted for optimal performance. 

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate


Each piece is tested in the pool or at sea several times to be set up correctly and to achieve the optimal balance, this sometimes causes wear scratches that are removed when possible, if this is not possible please accept it as "added value" to support the work done with dedication and expertise.


The carbon weave may be subject to design variations and don’t affect the functionality of the article, shape and weight don’t vary.


n. b. To add more shaft, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and REQUIREMENTS " or change the quantity in the summary before the order is completed


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Technical specifications:

Material 100% Carbon
    Stilo express  100 special - double roller -
    Stilo express  100 special - double roller -
    Stilo express  100 special - double roller -
    Stilo express  100 special - double roller -
    Stilo express  100 special - double roller -

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