Stilo special cm 115 - Mono roller

Full teak wood with water based finishment

The missing measure

The dimensions are not comparable to the smaller size of the single-roller version. It has been completely redesigned and has a larger body, maintains the same agility in lateral movement but is certainly more similar in size and performance to a double roller rather than the existing sizes.

The loading is simpler and faster than a double roller and becomes ideal for fishing trips characterized by numerous loads and the need to be as fast as possible.

The performance is excellent, heavy but fast shaft have the precision characteristic of Alemanni Rollers.

It mounts ceramic bearings in all pulleys, a valid help to avoid friction and facilitate loading.

Recommended for those who need to recharge quickly and for those who want to get excited with very long shots.

The shooting range is over 5 metres.

The propulsion is entrusted to the inverter rubbers, new set ups with important rubbers, guarantee perfect reactivity and also extend the life of the rubbers themselves which are mounted at appropriate and not extreme stretching factors.

The recoil is really very low, thanks to  the rubber in the upper part of the body.

We mount straight handle, suitable for left-handed and right-handed people.

Each Alemanni equipment is delivered complete with shaft, rubbers, 100 reel with wrapped dyneema and two loading assists.

Each Alemanni equipment is individually tested and adjusted for optimal performance. 

Full teak - water based finishment .

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate.


Each piece is tested in the pool or at sea several times to be setted correctly and to achieve the optimal balance, this sometimes causes wear scratches that are removed when possible, if this is not possible please accept it as "added value" to support the work done with dedication and expertise.

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n. b. To add more shaft, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and REQUIREMENTS " or change the quantity in the summary before the order is completed

Stilo special  cm 115 - Mono roller
Stilo special  cm 115 - Mono roller
Stilo special  cm 115 - Mono roller

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