Vela 135/120 travel pro

Demoltiplicate 135- 120 size- full teak - okume/teak - water based finishment

Your best travel buddy is an easily transportable equipment in a suitcase ( until 120 cm size ) or in a compact box of 97x12x15 ( for 135 cm size ).

Travel version is the ideal choice not to pay for oversized luggage during your travels.

The performance is even increased compared to standard models in one piece, the more complex construction and the use of additional materials inside has increased the rigidity and consequently increase performance. Now our wooden guns are as rigid as a carbon body. Warmly recommended for frequent use, it's not to be considered a "travel object", being first and foremost a very good piece of equipment.

The main characteristic is the low recoil, typical of multiplied gears, combined with extraordinary power and surgical precision.

Reassembling or dividing the body is an easy and fast operation.

The real novelty lies in the broken shafts, our system has been perfected after many tests and now It also reduces the possibility of bending the shaft after each catch, it now splits after each shot. Reassembling the shaft is very quick and easy

The material is teak wood with a water-based finishment . We recommend the straight handle, but you can also request the right anatomical handle.

Available shaft  - double barbed - threaded.

You can mount the reel on request, recommended only on cm 120

The size 135 cm is specific for spearfishing in the Blue,

The 120 cm size is also recommended in the Mediterranean for long shots in clear water.

set up available - cm 135 special -  mm 9.5-10 mm x cm 170-175 shaft

                           - cm 120 special - mm 8.5-8.75 mm x cm 150-155 shaft (You can only order 9 mm shaft with set up without reel )

Delivered complete with

. shaft

. rubbers

. three loading hooks.

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate

n.b. To add more shaft during the process of the order  search, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and SPARE PARTS" or change the quantity in the summary before the order is concluded.

Each piece is tested in the pool or at sea several times to be set up correctly and to achieve the optimal balance, this sometimes causes wear scratches that are removed when possible, if this is not possible please accept it as "added value" to support the work done with dedication and expertise.


 Vela 135/120 travel pro
 Vela 135/120 travel pro
 Vela 135/120 travel pro
 Vela 135/120 travel pro

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