X2 - size 90

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Demultiplied - full teak - teak/okumè - water based finishment

We present an innovative way of understanding the de-multiplied system. Born from a need to have the best performance on frequently used guns, including shorter length guns. The real challenge was not to overstress a system that has already proven to be high performance and efficient. Spears of different sizes can be used, making these guns suitable for almost any fishing situation.

The result is a stunning and aesthetically appealing speargun. Two pairs of rubbers are used, which remain fitted and align under the barrel to help improve lateral movement and tilt. The result is an easy loading gun with more than adequate power, precision and superb reduction in recoil.

These guns have an unmatched penetrating power while being intuitive and easy to load.

 X 2 is called (in reference to the number of loading bands)

Each gun  is delivered complete with shaft, rubbers, 80 reel  full with wrapped dynema  and two loading assists.

Each Alemanni speargun is individually tested and adjusted for optimal performance. 

Okumè/teak - water based finishment .

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate.



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Have a look to the linked description  also valid for these articles https://www.alemanni-sub.com/en/products/alemanni-vela-135-120-travel-pro

n. b. To add more shaft, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and REQUIREMENTS " or change the quantity in the summary before the order is completed




X2 - size 90
X2 - size 90
X2 - size 90

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