Alemanni speedy Competition

  • The fins are born to facilitate our mobility in the water and help us move as fast as possible but don't take into account our skeletal apparatus and the natural angle of our feet.

The Competition blades take this physiology into account and help us to correct the posture defects that we almost always, unconsciously, have.

Having a foot control is far from easy, these new blades will help you to "correct" these mistakes.

If you have the possibility of filming yourself by placing the camera in the rear facing your feet, you will notice that the movement of all fins is similar to a cross, i. e. the right fin goes to the left and vice versa, crossing and sometimes beating each other.

With the non-symmetrical and angled Competition blades, we can work the blades parallel to the surface, keeping them well spaced and helping to have a correct movement.

The benefit is not only in terms of performance, your joints will also be protected and not solicited by an unnatural movement.

A revolutionary way of thinking.

They work well in all situations in depth or on the surface, they are light and agile, the thrust is efficient without effort, no need to push hard, the fin works for you thanks to the typical sinusoid.

Protected by international patent


Produced in black only

  1. fiberglass / carbon fiber covered - full black only - lighter than the fiberglass version

Footpocket  (on demand )

  1. custom mounting without spars, with additional screws
  2. standard mounting with additional screws


Biomechanical analysis of the lower extremity movement during finning movement and its benefits 

  • It takes into account the biomechanical behaviors of our skeletal apparatus 
    • the ankle posture creates a misalignment with respect to the leg, bending the ankle internally by a few degrees and rotating it clockwise. the degrees of these postures are absolutely individual
  • Designed to compensate for the natural rotating movements of femur and ankle
  • Corrects foot posture
  • We will be able to fin in a more natural way, and encourage the lying posture of the ankle, typical of its structure
  • The Competition blade works parallel to the surface, optimizing thrust and hydrodynamics, it is not possible to do so with a traditional blade because of the natural intra rotation of the leg
    • the traditional fin necessarily has a larger surface area and tries in this way to cancel the summation of the rotation degrees of the femur and ankle, thus making the traditional fins touch each other and force you to fin with partially divorced legs
    • the Competition blades are small in size and very light, the offset combined with rotation helps to eliminate any contact between the blades.

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Technical specifications:

Composite Aeronautical VTR/ carbon covered
Lenght 81 cm
Inclination angle 27 degrees of inclination on the fold - non symmetrical blade - back angled
stiffness 01 - 02 -03
    Alemanni speedy Competition
    Alemanni speedy Competition

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