STILO SPECIAL-MONO ROLLER-size 65-80-90-100-110

Wood with water based finishment

The mono-roller changes face.

Ideal for selective fishing in the Mediterranean, Stilo Special Mono-Roller is highly adaptive to any situation and enables a large shooting range with very low recoil. 

Surprising shooting range for its length.

The Stilo special is equipped with the revolutionary new patented propulsion system from Alemanni which allows fast and easy loading while increasing overall output power and does not require change of rubbers when changing shaft diameter. 

Excellent lateral movement management, stability and lightness. Supplied with "inverter" rubber setup; a combination of various rubber diameters which further reduce recoil and improve accuracy. Holds 7mm - 7.5mm shaft. Neutrally buoyant.

Everything is easy and fast.

The range of shot is amazing compared with others,the summary of each details permit  the extraordinary final performance

Fun and unbelievable performance for a small size gun.

We recommend the straight handle to increase comfort during spearfishing in caves. Generally a straight grip helps you to be more accurate.

Always available is anatomic right grip.

Available in okumè/teak only - water based finishment 

available sizes 

cm 65 -80 -90-100-110


  • 6.5 to 7.5 mm spear shafts
  • rubber inverter
  • comparable or sometimes greater power  than double roller for equal loading.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • perfect for the Mediterranean  sea or shallow water

Each gun  is delivered complete with shaft, rubbers and two loading assists.

Each Alemanni speargun is individually tested and adjusted for optimal performance. 

Okumè/teak - water based finishment .

Customized by engraving your name on stainless steel plate.



Each piece is tested in the pool or at sea several times to be set up correctly and to achieve the optimal balance, this sometimes causes wear scratches that are removed when possible, if this is not possible please accept it as "added value" to support the work done with dedication and expertise.

Contact us for more informations


n. b. To add more shaft, please refer to "ACCESSORIES and REQUIREMENTS " or change the quantity in the summary before the order is completed

STILO SPECIAL-MONO ROLLER-size 65-80-90-100-110
STILO SPECIAL-MONO ROLLER-size 65-80-90-100-110
STILO SPECIAL-MONO ROLLER-size 65-80-90-100-110

Video: STILO SPECIAL-MONO ROLLER-size 65-80-90-100-110

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